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The attached (click here...) provides information on this year’s Siffleur Falls Ceremony.  With this being a significant anniversary, commemorating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, initial planning has begun to enlist attendance and participation by local, provincial and federal government and military appointments.
It is hoped a max participation from within the Airborne Social Club (Edmonton) and the Airborne Brotherhood wide will be in attendance and/or parade on this ceremony.  In this regard, the David Thompson Resort has been approached with providing the host facilities and accommodation for those planning on attending.  Specific accommodation and service details are provided on the attached.
Period SITREPS will be provided over the coming months as details are firmed up.   Airborne!!
Dave R. Paris
Airborne Social Club (Edmonton)

2024 is the 60th anniversary of Canadian involvement on the island, and the 50th anniversary of the 1974 conflict.
If you did serve in Cyprus you may be interested in taking a trip down memory lane by joining us for a November 2024 reunion. The reunion is open to all CAF Veterans who served under the United Nations banner in Cyprus and family members of those who served. The linked brochure provides the background to the tour and all the detail that you need to make a decision on participation.
Here is the Link to the Brochure:
The tour enjoys the full support of Global Affairs Canada, the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada and it promises to be the trip of a lifetime. Registration through our travel agents, Special Travel International, is now open with an early sell out of the 200 available seats anticipated.
Here is the link to the Special Travel International Signup Form:
You can preview the form for interest, just don't fill in any of the answers, and don't submit. Just close your browser. If registering, make sure to fill in all the detail and note the dates installments are to be paid.