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06 June Ceremony Siffleur Falls Ceremony 


 VFV - From Service to Solutions

Saturday June 15, 2024
12 pm | Doors Open / 1pm - 9:30pm | Event Starts
Location: Legacy Place, Red Deer
• Learn how to protect your family from what’s coming.
• Learn how the very things that held us together as a country are compromised and recognize how it affects you.
• Plus what can you do?
Multiple presentations. Different Topics. A solution-based approach to what’s happening in our country with insight from our Canadian military.
See the full list of speaker bios and the schedule for the day,  CLICK HERE.
At this conference, collaborate, learn, network, and gain insight into Canada and our future.
 Normandy Peak Climb 2024

 Canadian Airborne Regiment Research Project/Projet de recherche sur le Régiment aéroporté du Canada

[Traduction suit]

As part of a Canadian War Museum initiative, “In Their Own Voices,” aimed at creating accounts of veteran experience after war or military service, Dr. Howard Coombs (3 Commando 1989-1991) is researching the ongoing efforts made by Canadian Airborne Regiment members to preserve the “Airborne brotherhood” after the 1995 disbandment. Key research questions are aimed at outlining the idea of the “Airborne Brotherhood” and how that spirit has been preserved.

Working under Coombs’ supervision are two researchers from the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston) who will be conducting interviews until 30 June. They are Naval Cadet Hakan Eskisarli (English interviews) at and Officer Cadet Laurent St-Louis (French interviews) at If interested in taking part in an interview feel free to contact either interviewer. Participants will sign a permission form to use their interview as part of the research project. Interviews can be anonymized.
If not interested in participating in an interview but wishing to contribute to the project feel free to send an email with your thoughts on the two areas of research – and whether you would like your name cited or not to either Naval Cadet Hakan Eskisarli (English) at or Officer Cadet Laurent St-Louis (French) at

CWM “In Their Own Voices” website
Projet de recherche sur le Régiment aéroporté du Canada

Dans le cadre d'une initiative du Musée canadien de la guerre, « Leur histoire », visant à créer des récits de l'expérience des vétérans après la guerre ou le service militaire, M. Howard Coombs (3 Commando 1989-1991) effectue des recherches sur les efforts déployés par les membres du Régiment aéroporté du Canada pour préserver la « fraternité aéroportée » après le démantèlement de 1995. Les principales questions de recherche visent à définir l'idée de la « fraternité aéroportée » et la manière dont cet esprit a été préservé.

Sous la supervision de M. Coombs, deux chercheurs du Collège militaire royal du Canada (Kingston) mèneront des entretiens jusqu'au 30 juin. Il s'agit de l’aspirant de marine Hakan Eskisarli (entretiens en anglais) à l'adresse courriel et de l’élève-officier Laurent St-Louis (entretiens en français) à l'adresse courriel Si vous souhaitez participer à un entretien, n'hésitez pas à contacter l'un ou l'autre des intervieweurs. Les participants signeront un formulaire d'autorisation pour utiliser leur entretien dans le cadre du projet de recherche. Les entretiens peuvent être rendus anonymes.

Si vous n'êtes pas intéressé par un entretien mais que vous souhaitez contribuer au projet, n'hésitez pas à envoyer un courriel avec vos réflexions sur les deux domaines de recherche – et si vous souhaitez que votre nom soit cité ou non – à l’aspirant de marine Hakan Eskisarli (anglais) à ou à l’élève-officier Laurent St-Louis (français) à

MCG « Leur histoire »

Art Brochu at a tender age of 80 years old will once again this summer mount his bike and cycle for “Wishes, Hope and Faith”.  In doing so his commencement begins June 10th in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and over the next 2 months he will cycle and visit 17 different Community Cancer Centre’s throughout Alberta, finishing up in Medicine Hat, on July 29th.  Over this period Art will have cycled over 2000 kilometers.
As in Art’s past cycle ventures, the Airborne Social Club (Edmonton) has donated to Art’s “Wishes, Hope and Faith” in finding cures and the elimination of cancer.
Keeping with our “Airborne Spirit” let’s as individuals and/or groups support Art in this venture and help him meet his goal.
The attached provides full details on Art’s story, vision and endeavor, in addition to details on how donations to this cause can be made.
Art, we salute you back with blessings for your upcoming cycle.
Dave R. Paris
Airborne Social Club (Edmonton)

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 November 2024 Pilgrimage to Cyprus

The Canadian Airborne Forces Association (CAFA) Cyprus 2024 committee is in the final stages of planning the November pilgrimage to Cyprus and have asked that the Association pass on some updates.

Note that they are still taking reservations for anyone who is interested in joining the program. The latest communique to potential travelers is at the attachment below. Links are as follows:

Program (2024 Cyprus) -
Travel - Cyprus24 Go -
History: LIBRARY -
Oral History - Survey #6 - nMw/viewform?fbclid=IwAR2biix-3fwNHoESw3bE1sIjb0AoifWHFMMqWJ7x54q4vv6ATS9fDUAg7bA
Cyprus 2024 Facebook Group - yqKeKIX1fQ/viewform  


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Latest EASC Newsletter - 2023, Oct

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Brett's Article

The attached (click here) has was written by Walt Romanow’s grandson, Brett who made the climb on June 5th to sprinkle his grandparents ashes. As he has written in his article, there were other family members in attendance for this ceremony, all of which would of loved go been able to complete the climb with Brett. However, they as with the remainder of us who stayed on the lower levels were not able too for a myriad of reasons, but were there with Brett in our thoughts as he paid homage to his grandparents.

Dave R. Paris
Airborne Reunion 2023 - (Chalk Assembly Nose-Dock Edmonton)

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