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  Veterans Voices of Canada

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Its going to be one amazing day of Remembrance and commemoration tribute this Saturday,September 11th at our tribute sites. 





Al Cameron

Founding Executive Director/CEO

Veterans Voices of Canada


Veterans Voices of Canada


With this COVID, the club as with everyone else has not been formally together for well over a year.  Now what some restrictions has eased off we have a planned meeting for Saturday, Sept 18th, followed with a next day get-together/BBQ.  See below for details.  Hope to see as many as possible there.




Now that COVID restrictions has somewhat been relaxed, hopefully all are able to once again get back to some sort of normality by getting together with your family and friends. The club, over the summer has scheduled a long-over-due meeting for September 18th at the St Albert Legion followed with a get-together the next day at The Fraternal Order of Eagles Club, St Albert. I will be sending out confirmatory details within a week or so once all has been put into place.

Voices of Canada, Flag of Remembrance 2021 is scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 2021. Check the following link for a ceremony near you, let get out and support this worthy cause:

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Brett's Article

The attached (click here) has was written by Walt Romanow’s grandson, Brett who made the climb on June 5th to sprinkle his grandparents ashes. As he has written in his article, there were other family members in attendance for this ceremony, all of which would of loved go been able to complete the climb with Brett. However, they as with the remainder of us who stayed on the lower levels were not able too for a myriad of reasons, but were there with Brett in our thoughts as he paid homage to his grandparents.

Dave R. Paris
Airborne Reunion 2023 - (Chalk Assembly Nose-Dock Edmonton)

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The Airborne Social Club (Edmonton) has confirmed they will host a Paratroopers Reunion in Edmonton during the above period.

This reunion is open to all former members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment; current and former members - Regular and Reserve Force Parachute Units/Elements; former members of the Canadian Airborne Centre; former members Canadian Forces Parachute Maintenance Depot; 1 Canadian Parachute Association; current and former paratroopers members of Search and Rescue Squadrons/Elements; Allied Paratroopers; and all other paratroopers, whether or not they have served in an active parachute role or not.
In addition to the above members themselves, a grateful welcome is extended to all Honorary Club members, wives, spouses and partners of members no longer with us.
While no specific theme has been established, members of the Club are at the initial planning stages and will provide specific details on a periodic basis.
Although we are endeavouring to reach as many as possible via all means possible, it is requested that you pass on this information to those you are in contact with and who we may not have contacted.
Hope to see you here, Airborne!

Dave Paris

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  Minutes of EASC Mtg Feb 2020


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Those wishing to renew dues can do so via mail to:

Airborne Social Club (Edmonton)
Northtown PO, Box 71034
9308 - 137 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5E 6J8

If not sure of your renewal, check the your current membership card, it has your expiry date.


Canadian Army Parachutist Coin

Dave, may I suggest that the info be disseminated to the members of the Airborne Social Club (Edmonton)?  This is a piece of history. Please, note I will be away in France 7-29 October visiting WW1 and WW2 battlefield ...

Kind Regards, Claude

Major / major Claude Villeneuve, CD, A de C, CHE 

Coordinator - Formation Civilian Personnel Management, 3rd Canadian Division Support Group

Canadian Armed Forces / Tel: 780-973-4011 Ext 4828 / CSN: 528-4828 / Fax: 780-973-4006 

Coordinateur – Gestion du personnel civil de la formation, Groupe de soutien de la 3e Division du Canada

Forces armées canadiennes / Tél: 780-973-4011 poste 4828 / RCCC: 528-4828 / Fax : 780-973-4006

=========================== GENERAL INFORMATION=================================

Gentlemen, Madame,

Good morning all.  For your info the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Center (CAAWC) has established a kit shop.  One of the products offered is the only “true” Canadian Army Paratrooper's Coin.  It is offer to ALL Canadian qualified military parachutists from 1942 to now!|  It is centrally serialised, and will be issued only once upon proof of eligibility.  As you can appreciate it is NOT for collectors like, sadly, the coin from the defunct Canadian Airborne Regiment where replica can be bought on eBay (which blow my mind but anyway…)!  The cost for the coin is 25 CDN plus S&H and it can be bought online at .  From the website:

The Paratrooper's Coin

T-Shirts wear out, stickers peel off, and beer glasses break.

Though there have been excellent efforts from the various serving and post service Airborne/Parachute Operations institutions to produce and issue their own coins to perpetuate the tradition of the "Airborne Coin", not since disbandment in 1995 has there been a coin wholly representative of Paratroopers in the Canadian Armed Forces.

This is the first centrally issued, serialized, and recorded coin available to those who have completed the Canadian Armed Forces "Basic Parachutist's Course".

The coin displays the image of a Paratrooper in a CT-1 Parachute under canopy, superimposed on a maple leaf. Turning the coin, the image of our Parachutist Specialty Skill Badge, superimposed on the Pegasus and Bellerophon; the historical icon representing commonwealth airborne forces. The piece measures 38mm in diameter, 3mm in depth and is die struck of cartridge brass, with antique bronze patina and 24 Karat gold detailing. In discussion with the manufacturer, they have informed us this is the nicest coin they have ever produced.

Jumpers graduating in 1955 in Rivers, Manitoba; Members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment and the Canadian Army 2nd (Bde) Special Service Force; Para Company Groups; Sgt "Airborne" himself; and many others who have passed through the exacting standards of the Parachute Instructors cadre, are holders of this coin.

This coin, is unifying generations of Jumpers.

*To maintain the credibility and preserve the symbolism of the coin, only the Canadian Paratrooper may be able to be registered and receive it. Only one coin will be issued to an individual. Upon purchase and receipt of the contact information, additional communication with the purchaser may be requested to complete the sale.

There is also a coin for the Patrol Pathfinders…

The Patrol Pathfinder's Coin

and the Mountain Operations Instructor

The Mountain Operations Instructor's Coin

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