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By-Laws: Attached is a copy of the current club By-Laws  which were approved at the 2018 AGM. Suggestions, amendments, recommendations or submissions to this document should be forwarded to the undersigned NLT November 12th. This will give sufficient time any submissions ready and available for the AGM on the 16th.

Sep 2020 - CALGARY AIRBORNE GET-TOGETHER - DTG TBI. For those Airborne that are interested in the Calgary area, we will be having a get together at Dog n Duck , 5340 2 St SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G7, sometime in early Sep, 2020. Tables will be reserved. Also looking at a Bike (the ones with engines) Ride-About from Calgary to Pincher Creek and return. OPI for events is CJ Wallace, 

Sep 2020 - Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance (Flags of Unity). See below.

  Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance (Flags of Unity)

Greetings everyone! I hope this letter finds you all well and in good spirits.

As we all know through recent events across Canada as well as globally, we must modify the way we live our daily lives, and the way we conduct our businesses. This is an unfortunate but necessary reality.

Since 2005 we have been travelling across Canada and on camera documenting the historically important stories of our military heroes. To utilize charitable status benefits to become more far reaching, we became a non profit charity in 2008.

In 2014, our Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance tribute began in memory of the 128,000 patriotic and selfless Canadians killed and missing in action from the Boer War to current missions. It has proved to be a needed tribute where we all honour our heroes, past and present.

In 2018, we decided after much thought and through much feedback that our sponsored Plaques of Honour (seen at the Opening Ceremonies and presented to those who sponsor or honouree at a later date) should be also available as a tribute to our frontline First Responders. As they put their lives on the line and ensure we are taken care of each day as well, how could we not? Therefore, we added this important aspect of our tribute for those who wanted to honour their First Responder hero. Their names will also be visible at each site listing all those honoured this year.

In 2020 and because of the Covid-19(Corona Virus)crisis, it has become more apparent than ever that we have another group of warrior heroes that through warring and peaceful times are again in the front lines, standing up and putting themselves in harms way by fighting the kind of fight we never thought we would have to.

Therefore, and for the year 2020, we will for this year be referring to our Flags of Remembrance as,” Flags of Unity”. We will be offering the opportunity for you to also give honour to your front-line medical hero professional, who is there each day, guarding us against and treating us for this terrible enemy of our national community health and welfare.

Although our Opening and Closing Ceremony gatherings at each of our tribute sites will not occur at this point September 12th of this year because of the Pandemic guidelines, we feel it is important to continue on with the raising of the 128 flags at that time to be left up until November 12th,as we do each year. Giving honour to those who are deserving through our Plaques of Honour is important, and this will be something we all will need as a morale booster as well as a builder of national pride and patriotic unity.

Please be a part and support our cross Canada annual tribute of honouring our true heroes. Honour your past or present military or First Responder, or your current front-line medical hero…the ones who are there now to help us through this Pandemic crisis.

To say that this is an important event this year is truly an understatement. We need to show that we are a united country, willing to show appreciation and respect to those who make a difference. This is our way of doing that at Veterans Voices of Canada, while still trying to remain an active, positive, productive entity nationally.

Contact us at for more information on how to sponsor your military, Fist Responder or front-line medical personnel hero at one of our cross Canada tribute sites communities.

Al Cameron
CEO-Founder-Veterans Voices of Canada

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