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The following activities have been planned and/or scheduled as follows:

By-Laws: Attached is a copy of the current club By-Laws  which were approved at the 2018 AGM. Suggestions, amendments, recommendations or submissions to this document should be forwarded to the undersigned NLT November 12th. This will give sufficient time any submissions ready and available for the AGM on the 16th.

Dave's Update 07 Sep 2020


COVID has over the past months put a halt to virtually everything, including our club activities and events.  Now that some of these restrictions has been lifted to some degree the club executive has recently got together and discussed some upcoming planned activities which we hope our membership will take part in.  Even though we have plans for activities we must still adhere to the health requirements, such as face masking, social distancing and keeping our environment clean during any gatherings.  Below lists activities planned and/or scheduled over the next while.  Any changes to these will be announced as they occur.





IMG_1016The ceremony to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Dedication of the 1CAN PARA will be held as planned at 1330 hrs 8th Sep 2020, at the Siffleur Falls Staging Area, AB; rain or shine. There have been no significant changes to the program since our last update, and we will have participation by all previously named dignitaries, veterans, guests, Royal Cdn Legion member’s, and Regular Force personnel. The hard copy program has gone to press and will be handed out at the ceremony.


It should be noted that parking at the Staging Area will be somewhat restricted, attendees are requested to please cooperate with AB Parks personnel who will be controlling entry to the site. Social Distancing at the ceremony will be maintained and attendees are requested to bring and wear face masks when appropriate. There will be a sign in roster set up at the site which all attendees will be required to sign in.



This ceremony honouring past or present veterans or first responders will take place Saturday, September 12th.  This year the club has sponsored this ceremony and it hoped to have club participation to show the flag.  Details have been extracted as information as follows:






From: Allan Cameron
Sent: September 6, 2020 7:31 PM
To: Allan Cameron
Subject: Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance


Hey guys! 


If you are receiving this email, you are an awesome sponsor of our Flags of Remembrance and honouring a past or present Veteran or First Responder hero through our 2020 Flags of Remembrance here in Sylvan Lake. We thank you so much for that.


Our ceremony for 2020 is quite condensed and much smaller this year. We will have sponsors show up no later than 11am on Saturday September 12th. We need everyone to be at the Centennial Park/East end of the parking lot for no later than 11am.  You will then speak with one of our Reps at the gazebo to be informed of what to do from there.  That said, after meeting with the rep, we will eventually need everyone in place for 12 noon exactly.  Because of the Covid Parameters, we need to tow the line.  Therefore we can only have two representatives per Plaque of Honour on site to stand next to your plaque.


At 12 noon exactly, we will have a Bagpiper play Amazing Grace and another selected tune. Afterwards will be a group photo  and then that will be it for the ceremony.


Again, apologies everyone. Those who have been to previous ceremonies know this is not the norm for me. As we have been hit with  pretty much everything except for locusts (Shhhh!) our 2021 ceremonies promise to be back to normal.


You will then receive the plaque and flag after November 12th, once they all come down.  There will be some video taken as well as some impromptu testimonials on our Flags of Remembrance tribute. I'd appreciate your input if you are asked on site. 


Thank you everyone so much. We still have approximately 50 Plaques to be sponsored, so if you know of anyone please pass them onto me. If we have all 128 sponsored, we will donate to the Sylvan Lake Food Bank as well.


We still need volunteers, so if you are able bodied and would like to volunteer to assist with preparing the flag poles for the site ,then be there for 9am please. 


Thank you all, see you Saturday


Al Cameron

Founding CEO

Veterans Voices of Canada

Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance


CLUB MONTHLY MEETING.   We have not had a general meeting since February 2020.  The next scheduled meeting will take place at the St Albert Legion, 1100 hrs September 19th.  The meeting time has changed to 1100 hrs so that we can have somewhat of a social gathering, even if a small one, immediately after the meeting.  Minutes of the February meeting are attached.  Hard copies will be available at the scheduled meeting for those who may not have printed off their own.


CLUB BBQ/SOCIAL.  A “no-costs-to-membership” BBQ/Social has been scheduled to take place at the Eagles Club, St Albert, Saturday October 3rd.  Details and timings are:












As said, this month we are hoping to get back on track and continue on with our club life. Even though we still must remember to “stay safe” and keep our health concerns at the forefront.




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